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Bearing housing, also known as a bearing pedestal or bearing support, is a mechanical component that houses a bearing and provides a mounting surface for it.

Bearing being a machine element that allows one part to bear another.It constrains relative between moving parts to only the desired motion. 

  • Range:
    Split plummer/ Pillow block housing; Adapter Sleeves ; Withdrawal Sleeves; Deep groove/ Angular contact/ Four point contact/Aligning ball bearing; Cylindrical/ Needle/ Spherical roller bearing etc.
  • Material:
    Carbon Steel; Stainless Steel; Carbon Alloy Steel etc.
  • Forged parts-shaft, bar, end disc, are commonly used in various industrial applications, including machinery, automotive, aerospace, and more.
  • Range
    Rough Machining , Semi-finish Machining, Finish Machining
  • Material
    Carbon Steel; Stainless Steel; Carbon Alloy Steel etc.