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Conveyor Cover/Damper Buffer Rubber/Springs

Conveyor Cover is well known as conveyor belt hood and used to protect transported material and conveyor belting, idlers and structure. It improves personnel safety, reduces loss of material to wind and stops grime and rain from damaging the idlers and belt. 

Damper Buffer Rubber and Springs is also available.

  • Performance and Features:
    ※ Proven strength, adaptability and low maintenance.
    ※ Lightweight elements simplify assembly, dismantling and re-use.
    ※ Zinc coating of the sections and support bands combine to provide long service life.
    ※ Designed to provide easy access for belt and idler repair.
  • We can provide
    ※ Fixed- type, Part open-close type, Whole open-close type
    ※ Available in blue, grey, white, red or other color as per client’s need