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Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

The rubber compound of the heat resistant conveyor belt is specially designed to withstand heat exposure, preventing premature aging due to contact with any source of heat, such as coke, sinter returns, quicklime, cement, and more.

  • Application Areas:
    Cement Industry
    Recycling Plants
    Steel Industry
    Chemical Industry
    Power & Petrochemical Industry
    Coke Plants
  • Available In:
    Heat 125℃, Heat 150℃, Heat 180℃, Heat 400℃
  • Factors for Belt Selection:
    - Type, shape, and lump size of the material being carried
    - Temperature of both the material and the belt surface
    - Belt speed
    - Length of the conveying system
    - And more
  • Restrictions:
    DO NOT use heat resistant belts when the following conditions occur, please contact us for special compound.
           Presence of strong acids or alkaline substances.
           Conveyance of oil products or oil-stained materials.
           When flame-resistant proper is required for operation.
    For special compound requirements or further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.