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IW/SW Conveyor Belt

IW/SW conveyor belt is constructed from high quality woven steel cord fabric with steel cord in longitudinal and transversal direction fixed together in 1 ply as carcass. The IW carcass has a single transversal layer of steel cords on top of the longitudinal steel cords, whereas the SW has two transversal layers of steel cords situated at both sides of the longitudinal steel cords. They can be used for universal application because they delivers trough ability with a high impact resistance.

  • Application:
    ※ Coal Mine, Mining Field, Steel Plant, Cement, Wharf, Quarry, Power Station, Chemical Industrial, etc.
    ※ IW Conveyor Belt: specially designed for solid material transportation and long-distance conveying system.
    ※ SW Conveyor Belt: particularly suitable for elevator belts, loading conveyors, various steel plant, etc.
  • Advantages:
    High impact and tear resistance, Low elongation, Small pulley diameter.