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Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Steel cord conveyor belt offer superior strength and reduced elongation when compared to fabric belt, making steel cord belts a more cost-effective and reliable choice for systems with extended conveying distances or elevated lifts.

  • Range:
    Max strength ST10000, Max belt width 3200mm, Max roll weigth 80ton
  • Standard:
    GB/T9770,DIN22131,EN ISO 15236,SANS1366,AS1333
  • Applications:
    Used in coal, ore, port, metallurgical, power and chemical industries, suitable for long distance and heavy load transportation of materials.
  • Special Grade:
    Heat resistant, FRAS,FRAS & Cold resistant, Abrasion &Acid resistant,LRR
  • Breakers reinforced:
    NN breaker; Metal breaker; Kevlar breaker
  • Sensor loops:
    suitable for Becker, Coal Control, Goodyear, be added in belt bottom cover
  • Splice kits:
    General splice kits,preformed splice kits