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Your Partner for Precise Physical Testing

StandardA Testing Lab

Physical test according to tech data request,final full inspection and test report for each roll.

- Each folder for each belt!

- Only release after Full approval!

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    Tensile Test Machine
    Air Penetration Testing Machine
    Abrasion Tester
    Tensile Test Machine
    Ply Separation Machine
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    1 (2).png
    StandardA Testing Lab
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    StandardA Testing Lab
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    PVC Belt Tensile Test Machine
    1 (5).png
    Rubber Tensile Tester
    1 (6).png
    Oil Resistant Tester
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    1 (1).png
    Delamination fatigue Tester
    1 (7).png
    Ageing Tester
    1 (8).png
    Anti-Static Tester
    1 (9).png
    Density Tester
    1 (3).png
    Dynamic Fatigue Tester

Samples to keep for tracing  back

General grade samples will be kept for one year

Special grade or project samples will be kept for two or more years